Hand Knitted Socks

Hand Knitted Socks

Since we started BIBICO back in 2007 we have been working with an amazing group of knitters based in the Kathmandu valley. Every year they knit our Handmade Collection which includes jumpers, cardigans, accessories and a large selection of our popular hand knitted socks.

The group’s headquarters is in Kathmandu however the majority of the knitting is done at home in the small rural villages in the valley. As the knitters are able to stay in their villages they can look after their families and don't have to move to the city to find work.

Knitting also provides an income for these knitters which they will often use to invest in their children’s education. 

Our latest collection of hand knitted socks from our producers is now online and includes some classic styles such as the Classic Knitted Wool Socks, Long Wool Boot Socks and some more festive Christmas socks.

Here are just a few of the latest styles. See the full collection here.

hand knitted socks

classic hand knitted socks

 hand knitted Christmas socks

hand knitted boot socks

hand knitted mohair socks

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