Our values

Timeless style

We make clothes that last.

Our designs are timeless and versatile

to compliment your everday.

Natural and Sustainable materials

We want to make beautiful clothes without

harming the environment. That's why we use

natural & sustainable fabrics to make our clothes.

Ethically made

We work with fair trade groups

who support women from

disadvantaged backgrounds.

Our vision

BIBICO is an ethical clothing label. We make simple clothes with unique details in natural fabrics.

Established in 2007, BIBICO offers customers concerned about the ethical and environmental aspects of fast fashion

an alternative choice to the mainstream.

We believe in slow fashion. We design and manufacture two collections a year which are produced in small runs. Our
garments are classic, timeless and made with quality raw materials that you will want to wear again and again.

We spend many hours working collaboratively with our producers. With a designer’s eye and years of experience

working for high street brands, we act as a bridge between traditional craftsmanship and an audience that values

unique, quality goods produced both ethically and sustainably.

Our materials are natural...

We believe that nature knows best so we aim to use the best natural and sustainable materials. This is not only

better for our skin and wellbeing but gives our clothes a much lower environmental impact. All our materials are

exclusively designed, often hand-made, and carefully selected from artisan manufacturers in India, Nepal and Italy.

With continual collaboratation with these artisans we are always exploring ways to be more sustainable.We also

take time to actively research more eco-friendly, low-impact forms of packaging and shipping.

As a small company every step is a significnt milestone that we are really proud of!

Our clothes make a difference...

We believe in fair trade.We have long lasting relationships with all our suppliers. We treat everybody we meet as

we would expect to be treated ourselves and our relationships are built on trust, respect, equality and friendship.

Two of our main artisan manufacturers are members of the World Fair Trade Organisation.They work with women

from poor and disadvantaged backgrounds, providing not only work for these women but also social support and

childcare. We strive to ensure that the steps we take as a brand work towards creating a more socially responsible

and equitable world.


Hello, I am Snow, I am from Spain but have been living in the UK for the last 16 years.

My real name in Spanish is Nieves, which in English means Snow.

So to make it easier everyone calls me by my nickname, Snow.


After studying my fashion degree in France, I went back to Spain and started to work for ZARA;

I was very young but determined to learn from such a big and successful organisation.


My career then kept on going working from big brands to big corporations.

In the early beginnings we were following the seasons; by 2007 when I left my job in London

we were producing one collection a week from sketch to final production in store.

I was totally disappointed with the fast pace, throw away culture, that the fashion industry was evolving to.


It was then that I decided to launch BIBICO and prove to the high street that a more ethical and sustainable

approach to fashion was possible.


13 years have passed since then, I now live in Bath, UK with my husband Tim, the other half of BIBICO,

and our two daughters.


There are many challenges facing us on a daily basis, but I love my job and I find it very exciting

to have the opportunity to dress women in a way that preserves our beautiful planet,

and respects but also empowers the people making our clothes.