Museling Free Wool Knitwear

museling free wool knitwear

Wool is a wonderful natural fibre that keeps you warm, is breathable and is biodegradable. It’s also a much more sustainable alternative to knitwear made from synthetic fibres. (Did you know that the clothing industry contributes 35% of the total amount of micro plastics that go into our oceans?) That’s why nearly all of our clothes are made with natural fibres.

We take great care in working with the suppliers who treat their workers with fairness and respect likewise when it comes to wool we only source from suppliers who prohibit cruelty towards sheep. The main source of cruelty in the wool industry is a practice known as museling which involves sheep being physically scarred to prevent them from catching diseases which could lead to their death. Thankfully many countries have now banned museling. At BIBICO we make sure that all the wool we use is sourced from countries where museling has been banned.

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