Eco Friendly Gift Ideas for Christmas

Eco Friendly Gift Ideas for Christmas

Christmas is upon us, and it’s a time many eco-conscious people dread. Buying presents for people who might not want, need or use them, knowing the materials will survive on the planet long after we’re a distant memory - it’s a social nicety that can be tough to wriggle out of.

Thankfully it’s never been easier to find eco-friendly gift options. More people are adopting the mantra “reduce, re-use, recycle” and by selecting quality products made from quality sustainable materials we can treat our loved ones to and enjoy the holidays without feeling guilty.

Here are our favourites:

eco friendly gift ideas for Christmas

These Essence + Alchemy hand poured botanical tea-light candles are vegan-friendly, made from UK Rapeseed plant wax and containing therapeutic essential oils. With a 4-5 hours burn time and three scents to choose from, these are a great relaxing gift.

Buy from from The Future Kept for £6

cardboard toys for children

Encourage creativity and stand up against plastic toys with Paperpod’s Cardboard Rocket. Containing 80% of recycled cardboard, it’s fully recyclable and biodegradable and loads of fun.

Buy them from from £21

hand knitted Christmas stockings

Santa's very own woolly socks! Colourful Christmas stockings made from 100% soft wool with a cotton lining. Hand knitted by a womens fair trade group in Nepal. A Christmas stocking to last for many years to come!!

Buy our hand knitted Christmas stockings for £35 here.

 elegance nest box

Made from sustainably sourced timber and decorated with water-based paint, this Elegance Nest Box will look lovely in your garden and help you be a friend to nature.

Buy it from the Eden Project for £29.50

fire hose purse

Ever wondered what happened to fire hose when it’s decommissioned? This Recycled Fire Hose Purse solves the mystery stylishly, lined as it is with reclaimed parachute silk. Plus it’s strong, wipe-clean and water resistant, of course.

Buy it from Elvis & Kresse for £110

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