Jamawar Scarves

Jamawar Scarves

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As the temperature drops, a scarf, shawl, or wrap is the perfect addition to any winter outfit. They are simple and chic accessories that can be worn for many occasions; when you’re feeling the chill in the office, for an outdoor excursion at the weekend, over your dress at a wedding, or on a night out when you don’t want to squeeze a bulky jumper into your small evening bag. We at BIBICO love a good scarf, and this season we have introduced new collection of scarves called Jamawars.

history of jamawar scarves

A Jamawar is a delicate form of scarf, usually designed with floral motifs, requiring very intricate weaving. They tend to be colourful, with up to fifty colours worked into just one! The base of Jamawar is a fine wool which has a number of benefits, particularly for the winter, like it’s thermodynamic qualities. To find out more, read our recent post on the benefits of wool here. Sometimes, a little cotton would also be added to the base, and the elaborate patterns may be woven in silk or pashmina.

hand loomed jamawar scarves

The Jamawar originated in the Kashmir Valley in India around 100 years ago, where highly skilled artisans continue to craft them by hand. One Jamawar would be worked on for months to years, with no more than an inch being added per day to a 48-inch width of material. This made them rare and highly valued pieces, popular amongst royalty. Today, this careful and calculated weaving continues, allowing these beautifully detailed, individual items to become symbols of timeless and treasured fashion. However, increasing demand has comprised the industry, and some have resorted to using cheap materials and machine-manufacturing. Few companies are dedicated to ensuring that the traditional and pure form of this art remains, and BIBICO is proud to be one of them.

handwoven jamawar scarves

So if you’re wondering what winter accessories to add to your wardrobe, or shopping for a great gift for someone special, consider a Jamawar.

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