What's Good About Spring?

What's Good About Spring?

what's good about spring

Aaah, Spring. This glorious season brings us longer daylight hours, warmer temperatures, flowers in bloom, and lots of seasonal fruit and veg to enjoy. So what are the best things about Spring and how can you get the most out of this season?

 health benefits of brighter mornings

1. Brighter mornings

You will finally wake up and open the curtains to sunlight! Not only will it make you feel brighter about the day ahead, the sun is also supposed to make your brain work better through its provision of vitamin D (Glerup et al., 2000; Kesby et al., 2011). This essential vitamin also helps improve your immune system and fight off your winter cold. So wake up happy and enjoy your extended exposure to sunlight this Spring!

 grey boyfriend cardigan by bibico

2. Warmer temperatures

You can ditch your winter thermals and swap that thick water-proof coat for a warm wool jumper or cardigan like our grey boyfriend cardigan perfect for every occasion. Braving bare legs in one of our sweet cotton skirts will also become a genuine possibility. 

 flowers in bloom in spring

    3. Flowers are in bloom

      Floral displays will brighten up the season, with cherry blossom covering the trees and tulips in their prime. Bring their beautiful colours into your wardrobe by opting for pretty, printed day dresses like our organic cotton day dress.

       organic cotton t-shirts and plimsolls

        4. Outdoor activities

          Outdoor activities are finally bearable again. It's time to bring out your bicycle and go for a picnic, or pick the perfect playlist for a run in the park. For an easy, everyday look, why not try our classic crew neck organic cotton t-shirts and slip on cotton plimsolls, perfect for an active weekend.

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            5. Seasonal fruit and veg

              There are lots of delicious fruit and vegetables in season throughout Spring:

              • apple
              • asparagus
              • Brussels sprouts
              • cabbage (savoy)
              • carrot
              • cauliflower
              • cucumber
              • lettuce
              • onion
              • parsley (flat -leaf)
              • potato
              • purple sprouting broccoli
              • radish
              • red onion
              • rhubarb

               asparagus and potato salad

              Why not try Oh She Glow's asparagus and potato salad? Or Cooking Light's rhubarb and apple pie? Buying in-season goods helps to support local farmers and means your food hasn't be transported long distances, reducing your carbon footprint and the need for chemical ripening agents, wax coatings and other preservatives!

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