[fairtrade] Look behind the label

World Fair Trade Organisation

The bibico garments are made in India and Nepal at Fair Trade co-operatives which are certified by the World Fair Trade Organisation. The first producer group Nieves began working with is a co-operative based in a slum community in India, an inspiring group of women who are talented in the arts of weaving and embroidery.

The co-operative gives marginalised and vulnerable women an opportunity to enhance their skills and earn a living wage. Social support, childcare, healthcare, financial counselling and paid training are provided. It’s a rare pathway for women to quickly gain financial and social independence and find their way out of difficult and often dangerous circumstances.

For her first winter collection Nieves explored her love of knitwear, in which she specialises. After designing a collection of unique pieces she travelled to Nepal to find Fair Trade producers. High in the mountains Nieves met a group of artisans who have maintained their traditional skills, and continue to weave and knit (by hand) from their homes.

The increasing demand for Fair Trade clothing means regular orders which guarantee them a fair income. Since their establishment they have set up a craft centre to teach others in the community.