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BeCo - BeCool BeConscious


BeCo “BeCool BeConscious” The first Spanish reference platform of ethical fashion in Barcelona

BeCo has the support of The Brandery and two large leaders in promoting sustainability in the Spanish textile industry, the foundation Fabrics for Freedom & the international organization Textile Exchange.

The first BeCo event will take place from 27th to 29th January 2012 as part of The Brandery .

The BeCo’s guests have been chosen among many brands to present a vision of a new system of making fashion and an example of managing the product traceability.

Bibico’s Spanish born director, Nieves Ruiz, has been invited to speak at the event where she will talk about her experience  of starting & running and ethical fashion brand.

For more information please visit: BeCool BeConscious or The Brandery