Alternative Ideas for your Easter Weekend

Easter weekend is the perfect time to gather the family and bond over a lazy lunch and some tasty treats. It's also a great time to get crafty and competitive, seeing who can make the best Easter hat or basket. Why not enjoy the warmer weather and have your egg hunt outdoors, or bring brunch out into the garden? If you're stuck for how to enjoy this glorious 4-day weekend, we have some slightly alternative ideas about how you could enjoy your Easter:

alternative easter ideas

1. The Egg Hunt

For an eco-friendly alternative to plastic eggs, opt for reusable wooden eggs that split into two. Experiment with natural fruit and veg dyes, providing an arts and crafts activity for the whole family to enjoy. You simply need to boil your selected ingredients in a saucepan and then simmer until you're satisfied with the colour. Run the dye through a strainer into a bowl and mix a few teaspoons of white wine vinegar, before dipping in your eggs. To create vibrant colours try frozen blueberries (blue), red cabbage/grape juice (purple), beets/frozen berries/cranberry juice (red), tumeric (yellow), spinach (green), orange juice (orange) or coffee ground (brown). Alternatively if you want to go down the more traditional route here are some more detailed DIY instructions found on My Poppet Makes . Now get cracking (hehe)!

 national paella day

2. The Alternative Easter Sunday Lunch

Sunday 27th March is National Paella day! Bring Spanish spice into your Spring by switching your Easter lamb for paella this year. This vegetarian paella recipe looks amazing! 

 vegan hot cross buns recipe

3. Hot Cross Buns

Easter also brings warm, fluffy, and sticky fruit buns. The gorgeous bakery smell that wafts from the oven, or the toaster if you're impatient like me, drives everyone into the kitchen. This year, why not try this vegan-friendly chocolate hot cross bun recipe by Veggieful? They're deliciously indulgent and super simple to make. Plus, opting for the vegan mix makes them that little bit more guilt-free as you know no animals have been harmed for your ingredients and their carbon footprint is lower!

 organic cotton dress by bibico

     4. Easter Attire

    Our organic cotton day dress is perfect combination of style and comfort, ideal for an active Easter weekend. Match it with our multicoloured sailor scarf and white cotton slip on plimsolls, great for running around the garden collecting eggs! Or wrap up in our classic grey boyfriend cardigan when you're snuggling on the sofa watching a family-friendly film. 



    What's Good About Spring?

    what's good about spring

    Aaah, Spring. This glorious season brings us longer daylight hours, warmer temperatures, flowers in bloom, and lots of seasonal fruit and veg to enjoy. So what are the best things about Spring and how can you get the most out of this season?

     health benefits of brighter mornings

    1. Brighter mornings

    You will finally wake up and open the curtains to sunlight! Not only will it make you feel brighter about the day ahead, the sun is also supposed to make your brain work better through its provision of vitamin D (Glerup et al., 2000; Kesby et al., 2011). This essential vitamin also helps improve your immune system and fight off your winter cold. So wake up happy and enjoy your extended exposure to sunlight this Spring!

     grey boyfriend cardigan by bibico

    2. Warmer temperatures

    You can ditch your winter thermals and swap that thick water-proof coat for a warm wool jumper or cardigan like our grey boyfriend cardigan perfect for every occasion. Braving bare legs in one of our sweet cotton skirts will also become a genuine possibility. 

     flowers in bloom in spring

      3. Flowers are in bloom

        Floral displays will brighten up the season, with cherry blossom covering the trees and tulips in their prime. Bring their beautiful colours into your wardrobe by opting for pretty, printed day dresses like our organic cotton day dress.

         organic cotton t-shirts and plimsolls

          4. Outdoor activities

            Outdoor activities are finally bearable again. It's time to bring out your bicycle and go for a picnic, or pick the perfect playlist for a run in the park. For an easy, everyday look, why not try our classic crew neck organic cotton t-shirts and slip on cotton plimsolls, perfect for an active weekend.

             striped organic cotton t-shirt

              5. Seasonal fruit and veg

                There are lots of delicious fruit and vegetables in season throughout Spring:

                • apple
                • asparagus
                • Brussels sprouts
                • cabbage (savoy)
                • carrot
                • cauliflower
                • cucumber
                • lettuce
                • onion
                • parsley (flat -leaf)
                • potato
                • purple sprouting broccoli
                • radish
                • red onion
                • rhubarb

                 asparagus and potato salad

                Why not try Oh She Glow's asparagus and potato salad? Or Cooking Light's rhubarb and apple pie? Buying in-season goods helps to support local farmers and means your food hasn't be transported long distances, reducing your carbon footprint and the need for chemical ripening agents, wax coatings and other preservatives!

                5 Ways To Help You Feel Good This Spring

                tips to keep healthy in spring

                Has your New Year’s Resolution to make 2016 the year you get fit and healthy already started to stall?

                Changing your eating and exercise pattern can be tough, but there are major benefits associated with improving the nutritional value of your diet and relieving stress by working out. As we move into March the weather will start to get warmer and the daylight a little longer, making outdoor exercise more bearable. There are also lots of great greens in season you can experiment with in the kitchen, like asparagus, broccoli and spinach. So whether you want to lose a few pounds, or simply improve your overall wellbeing, we’ve got five top tips to help you stay healthy this spring, and change your lifestyle for the better:

                eat vegan meals

                1. Preparation is key

                Plan your weekly meals and do a big food shop at the weekend. Avoiding the shops after work means you’re less likely to pick something pre-prepared that may contain a lot of added salt, sugars and saturated fat. Bringing your own lunch to work also means you can avoid the temptation of the sweet aisle at the nearest corner shop or cafe! 

                spiced red lentil recipe from minimal baker

                2. Try vegan-ising a meal a day

                Going vegan often leaves you no choice but to make your own lunches, as most premade meals contain meat or dairy. Try making an extra portion of dinner to take into work the next day. This means you are able to control what additives and fats you consume, avoiding saturates and artificial sugars as much as possible. There are also major environmental pros to going vegan. Studies have shown that a vegan diet can cut your GHG emissions by a half! Start with a meat free Monday and see how you can progress. Minimalist Baker has some delicious and simple recipes to get you started. Like this Spiced Red Lentil Curry. 

                keep running

                3. Don't hang your boots up! Add exercise to your weekly routine

                See if there’s an exercise class you can commit to on a regular basis. This will help make fitness part of your weekly routine so that it seems normal and natural, and therefore less effort! If you really want to get fit, once a week is not enough. You need to work out 3-4 times a week to see a real change.

                4. Get a fitness buddy

                Organising a workout with someone else makes you consider the activity as more of a social (and therefore fun) event. It also means you're less likely to skip a session last minute as you don't want to let your partner down. 

                health benefits of gardeing

                 5. Get Digging

                As well as the added benefit of growing your own veg, gardening has many others benefits. It has been proven that gardening can help reduce the level of stress, direct exposure to dirt and plants and help boost your immune system and it can even keep you fit - 3 hours of moderate gardening can equal a 1 hour gym session!