Sustainable gifts ideas for every budget

Sustainable gifts ideas for every budget

Finding interesting and unique gifts for people can be hard but finding ones that are also sustainable is even more difficult. The good news is just like sustainable fashion brands have been doing companies are starting to incorporate sustainability in their design process and this not only benefits the environment but has a really positive effect on the design.

Sustainable products can be classified in many different ways but we picked these products as they meet one or more of these criteria (all of which have a low impact on the environment): they are made with discarded materials and then upcycled, made using biodegradable materials that are not harmful to the environment and are made and sold locally.

Uashmama Paper Bags - Sustainable gift ideas


Looks and feels like suede or leather but in fact this is made from 100% cellulose. These bags are hand-made in Tuscany. They are hand washable but strong enough to be used over and over again. The fibre is taken from trees that have been grown for cultivation.

Uashmama now has a large range of products including tote’s, backpacks, aprons, laundry bags. These simple,natural bags would look great paired with one of our cotton dresses.

You can purchase from Uashmama on their website here or from one of their uk stockists the future kept here


tiffany jayne apple crate stools

Tiffany Jayne

Instead of creating new products from scratch Tiffany Jayne uses recycled materials and upcycles them to make new products. Using recycled materials such as rustic apple crates and adding antique, vintage or modern fabrics  Tiffany is able to create original and stylish homewares.

Some of her products include apple box stools, dog beds and pens pots. You can buy products direct on her website here

peris and corr welsh blanket print cushions

Peris & Corr

Founded in 2009 by Dyfrig Peris and Jennie Corr, Peris & Corr is an eco-friendly screen-printing company based in the Snowdonia National Park in North Wales. They use water-based inks which contain no toxic chemicals and are also free from lead and other heavy metals. Their range now includes cushions, lampshades, ceramics, stationery and kids clothing all hand-printed in the studio.

The couples designs vary from bold patterns inspired by traditional Welsh blanket weaves, to hand-drawn typography and looser patterns based on hand-painted motifs.

Buy their products directly on their website here

If none of these gift ideas are quite right please don't hesitate to take a look at our latest collection of ethical clothes here .

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