As soon as I walked through the door of the women's cooperative in Mumbai I realised my idea of creating a more sustainable clothing company was going to be possible.

Inspired by the things that matter to me most - my love of the outdoors, simple, family pleasures and my home in Northern Spain, I sat down to sketch my first bibico collection.

But our story really started a year before when me and my husband Tim had a taken a holiday in a small farmhouse in Menorca, Spain. I had been designing for major high st clothing brands for over 10 years and had become disillusioned by the industry how it had changed in 10 years from producing 4 collections per year to churning out new collections every week. The clothes were cheaper but the quality was worse and there was no consideration for the people producing these clothes.

It was time for a change.

There in that farmhouse in Menorca we made the decision to create our own clothing company. A company with a slower “back to basics” approach to fashion focus on creating clothes that are timeless and well made and rejecting the idea of fast fashion.

We commit ourselves to working with producers we know well and that looked after the people who worked for them.

Today bibico creates easy to wear, fuss free and well made clothing.

Thanks for paying us a visit. We hope you’ll find something you love.